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ABOUT kelly

Passionate About Inspiring & Empowering People

Why hire me as your Empowerment Coach-Transition Partner?


Over the years I've found myself standing in that space between two different priorities and choices, feeling sandwiched and wanting clarity about which decision to take. Residing in a comfort zone that actually felt uncomfortable, I uncovered my truth: the fear that each potential path was perilous! Then I realized another compelling truth: I could stand in my fear and do nothing or I could feel my fear and do SOMETHING. So I chose the more "dangerous" route and redesigned a life aligned with my core values.

Redesigning my life followed a progression--from loss to change to transition to adjustment--and it involved so much grieving. I found myself grieving many losses: couple, family, home, friends, neighborhood, pets and possessions, along with lost dreams. Facing such a life-altering event meant changing my perspective and breaking HUGE leaps down into small steps, sometimes moving through my transition one moment at a time. It was a painful, yet bittersweet process filled with many more gains. I learned to listen to my inner voice and trust that life unfolds according to the miracle it is and based on a greater plan, not necessarily my plan!

InfiniteU Coaching grew out of my life's work empowering people to reach deep inside themselves for their own innate knowing and move past whatever anchors them and holds them back from growing forward, especially during transition. If I could experience such a life-changing transition, then what might that look like for other people? I wanted to leverage my own learning to help individuals experiencing loss: of career/job, family, partner, fertility, mobility, lifestyle, dreams, home, and more.

With many years' experience spanning sales, customer service, social research, recruiting, training, community development, program development, planning, and evaluation, facilitating adult learning, and coaching, I:

  • Am present to and respect your innate knowing

  • Journey with you on that archaeological dig of the self

  • Shine a light on your truth to help you uncover and surmount self-limiting beliefs and obstacles to growth

  • Help you cultivate insights and results for positive change

  • Accompany you along your journey from where you are to where you want to BE--empowered!


Leadership and Life Coaching for individuals, teams, and groups sandwiched between different priorities in the face of professional and life transitions. Following an appreciative, holistic, experiential learning approach focusing on empowering people to achieve their goals, I also facilitate group learning with educators, professionals, communities, and individuals seeking greater personal and professional effectiveness.


Certifications & Qualifications

  • Personal and Professional Coaching Certificate (ICF Approved Program)

  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

  • Diploma in Adult Education (Teacher Certification)

  • Certificate in Human Resources Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Training in Parent Effectiveness Skills (PET) and Rogerian Client-Centered Listening

  • Thousands of clients who have benefitted from coaching and training with me!



Let me walk alongside you to break through barriers and build on your existing strengths, talents, and resources to cultivate results that lead to your professional/personal growth. Together we can co-create the Infinite YOU!

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