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This print book is:

7.5 x 9.25 x 1 inches

196 pages

I AM ENOUGH—Recovering from Intimate Betrayal

  • Anyone who deals with the addictive behavior of an intimate partner may suffer from feelings of insufficiency or not being enough. When your partner acts out sexually, you experience intimate betrayal. You can heal from the destructive effects of your relationship with a sex addict by prioritizing your needs, wants, values, and life. You come to realize I AM ENOUGH.


    I AM ENOUGH—Recovering from Intimate Betrayal helps you live your 'enoughness' in all aspects of your life when facing your intimate partner's sexual acting out that betrays your trust.


    This workbook for healing will help you to:

    • Understand the impacts of your intimate partner's compulsive sexual behavior
    • Reflect on your wants, needs, and values and recover your life priorities
    • Move past the betrayal as you heal on all levels of body, mind, and self


    If you're living with the chaos of your intimate partner's sex addiction, I AM ENOUGH—Recovering from Intimate Betrayal, written from the perspective of someone who’s been there, provides a blueprint for healing from the pain. You'll accompany Molly through her journey of intimate betrayal, and learn about others' stories of deception, all aiming to help you understand the challenges and shame of dealing with a partner's sex addiction.


    This book will help you acquire useful tools to move past the betrayal, reclaim your joy, experience a healthier life, and develop trusting relationships with yourself and others. 

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